ITS Austria

The “ITS Austria” platform connects the Austrian agents in the fields of traffic, transport and logistics, with a view towards a sustainable structure in the Austrian mobility system.


Using the Austrian ITS Action Plan as a start point, actors from areas such as the public sector, the economy, industry and research work together, with the common target of a strong re-presentation of Austrian competences in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) on an international level.


The ITS Austria platform should aid the special processes for agreement, coordination and monitoring required for new and existing tools, such as the European ITS Directive or the national ITS law.


Objectives of the platform:

  • To help transfer know-how to build up ITS competence

  • To strengthen and expand the national ITS network

  • To support the establishment of framework conditions for a harmonised deployment

  • To increase the level of awareness for the users of ITS in policy, industry and the public sector
Digitally in Motion - ITS Austria Conference 2015
ITS Austria Conference 2015
Bridge building at the ITS Austria Conference 2014
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